Heritage Helicopter Services



Discovery Flights

Discovery flights can be given for:

  • Birthday parties
  • Family reunions
  • Company functions
  • Graduation gifts
  • High School reunions
  • Just for the fun of it
Purchase a gift certificate for someone you know that would love the unique gift of flight!


Damage & Disaster Assessment

We offer a unique opportunity for local officials and companies to conduct damage assessment very rapidly following the event.  The following is a list of a few uses of our assessment services. Potential photo assessment services:

  • Hurricane damage assessment
  • Flood damage assessment
  • Tornado damage assessment
  • Oil spill assessment
  • Chemical Plant Refinery Spills and Disaster assessment
  • Boating Accidents and Marine spills in remote locations
  • Firefighting assessment in remote locations


Helicopter Surveying

Use our helicopters to do many types of surveying.  Below is a list of a few possibilities. Survey flights could include:

  • Surveying at tree top level, of your tree farms and timberland
  • GPS surveying of Marshland and Swamp areas that are hard to get to any other way
  • Deer and wildlife surveying
  • Coastal erosion surveying and documenting
  • Alligator nest surveying and GPS mapping
  • Real estate investor surveying
  • Right-of-way surveying
  • Cattle survey


Powerline and Pipeline Patrols

We offer a unique opportunity to get up close monitoring capabilities for pipeline and powerline companies, especially for storm damage assessment.  Contact us with any questions concerning opportunities for your organization.


Aerial Photography & Filming

Photo flights under Part 91 of the Federal Aviation Regulations allow us to fly to any location throughout the United States with no limit on the radius of flight.  The advantage of using a helicopter as a photo platform is that we can get you right up to the action without the restrictions to altitude that apply to fixed wing airplanes.  The following is a list of possible photo flights. Photo flights could include:

  • Disaster coverage
  • Another angle for professional photographers on a multitude of photo opportunities
  • News crew aerial coverage of special events
  • Real estate marketing photo’s
  • Movie company filming operations
  • Progressive aerial photography of major projects