Heritage Helicopter Services

Flight Training

Neches Helicopter Training, LLC is a Part 61 flight school offering helicopter flight instruction from beginner to advanced operations. We are proud to offer our students a expertly maintained fleet of both piston and turbine aircraft and a highly trained staff to facilitate individual requirements. Whether you are interested in a private rating for pleasure or a commercial flight instructor rating to begin a career in aviation, our staff can provide all the tools necessary for your success.

Helicopter flight training is now available at the Beaumont Municipal Airport located at 455 Keith Rd Beaumont, TX. We are offering flight training in the Guimbal Cabri G2 helicopter for $300 per hour, introductory or discovery flights are available for $100. We also offer flight training in the Robinson R44 helicopter for $550 per hour with introductory or discovery flights available for $200. Please call for details. Helicopter rental is available to active students enrolled with our flight training program and our flight training helicopter simulator will be open to all active students. Please feel free to call us at 409-299-2232 for further information or email cspears@flyhhs.com.